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Each gift of any amount helps,
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child matters. 


Your ongoing support means that we can help the children and families in our community. Your donations ensure local children have advocates who will prevent and treat child abuse.


Be a Lifesaver for Quad Cities' kids with a monthly gift

You can make a big difference for Quad Cities kids through a small donation each month – your gifts add up over time to create happy childhoods and healthy families by helping eliminate child abuse and neglect. 

For more information on how the CARES Act can lower your taxes when you give to the Child Abuse Council, click here, or talk to your accountant.

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Jerry Drucker

In 2000, my wife started working at Riverside in the drug and alcohol unit. She became the inpatient therapist for the men. During her time there, we spent a lot of time in the evening talking about the day and our experiences. Of course it was confidential, but it always seemed to be the same story of how these men were abused in one way or another – physically, emotionally and mentally. I was aware of horrible stories of things happening in families. I didn’t understand how one human being could treat another this poorly. My wife felt that most of those she worked with had experienced abuse or neglect at some point in their lives and then turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with their pain.


This was an issue that crossed every socioeconomic, religious and racial group. There is not just one population who is vulnerable to this. It’s everyone.


As a member of the Moline Kiwanis Club, we saw requests from the Child Abuse Council for support. It was then I met Sue and Pam from the Child Abuse Council. We developed a relationship and, about fourteen years ago, I was flattered to be asked to join the Board of Directors. I saw this as an opportunity to make a difference and PREVENT these things from happening. I believe so strongly in our programs, from prevention to helping children heal. It’s a shame there is such a need for what we do, but I am proud to be a part of the solution. Since then I have asked many friends to continue to join our cause to create safe and happy homes for children.