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Child abuse prevention starts with ADULTS. It is our job to keep children safe. 

The only way to do this is to ensure that adults are knowledgable and aware of how to keep children safe. Which is why we offer this training to our community! 


National and local data indicates that up to 20% of children will experience sexual abuse before the age of 18. However, we know that child abuse is 100% preventable, and preventative efforts have already seen the national rate begin to decrease in the last decade. We have invested in the effort to educate our own community and provide the nationally recognized, research-backed Stewards of Children curriculum. Stewards of Children is a two-hour workshop designed to teach all adults specific ways to protect children from sexual abuse. It includes survivor stories, expert guidance, and group discussion to teach adults 5 practical, applicable steps for protecting children.


We would love to work with you to plan an event and offer this sensitive and insightful training. 


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We all have something we can give. Sometimes it's our financial resources. 

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