To Mothers: A Letter

To Mothers,

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. A day set aside and dedicated every year for you. For those who have given birth to a child. For those who adopted a child. For those whose child was born from a surrogate. For those who are a surrogate. For those who are a mother figure. For those who have lost a child. For those who hope and dream of a child.

It’s a day to celebrate you. And everything you do.

On Mother’s Day, we celebrate your wonder of holding a baby in your heart for the first time. We commemorate the joys of that first snuggle, first giggle, first steps and first day of school. We recognize the pain of seeing your child in tears, your sacrifices of lost sleep and worries and fears, and wondering if you are doing anything right. We celebrate the little things you do, from providing a safe place for your child to grow to being that safe place where your child can cry, from cutting the crust off their sandwiches and leaving a glass of water by their bedside, to letting them have the last slice of pizza. All this, and more, we celebrate.

As a mother, you have guided your child as they navigate this big world. As they dip their toes into the unknown and learn and grow and mature. You have been by their side, cloaked them with unconditional love, making sure they always have a shoulder to cry on, and a person they can count on. You have stood beside them in the storms, and shielded them from the worst of winds.

They may not know or understand everything that you do for them right now. But know you are so, so important. Your love, support, devotion, and nurturing are invaluable.

On this Mother’s Day, and every day, we salute and honor you and all that you do.

Thank you.

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