6 Ways to Have a Fun, Safe Halloween

Covid-19 certainly has pulled the plug on countless traditions, and many Halloween festivities, like parades, are no exception. Luckily, this year’s trick-or-treating is still happening in the Quad Cities. But how can your kids stay safe while out and about, and what else can you and your kids do to have a fun Halloween?

Make Masks Part of the Costume

While trick-or-treating is still on for the QC area, it is still important for you and your kids to stay safe. Make sure to wear masks -- and normal costume masks don’t count! Cloth masks are still important to wear to keep your kids safe and healthy, but consider getting masks that match or even add to their costume.

Carve Pumpkins

A classic Halloween tradition, carving pumpkins with your family is safe and loads of fun! Pick up a few pumpkins, mark your designs, and get to work carving. Maybe even have a contest to see who can come up with the best or most creative design. After, put a few tealights in and set them by your front door. Alternatively, paint your pumpkins instead--this is a safe way to ensure everyone’s fingers stay unharmed, yet still is creative and fun.

Spooky Treats

Get into the Halloween mood by making Halloween-themed food! You could have your kids help bake cookies shaped as pumpkins, witches’ hats, or ghosts and then decorate with colored frosting. You could also have your kids help you make pumpkin bread or caramel apples. To have an extra safe Halloween, make individual baggies with candy and homemade treats for trick-or-treaters to grab easily.

Have a Halloween Movie Night

Kick back and watch some spooky films with your family with warm blankets. Some classics are Hocus Pocus, Casper, or Ghostbusters -- just make sure whatever you choose is age appropriate for your kids. Make it extra cozy by popping some kernels and heating up the apple cider for some yummy couch snacks.

Decorate your front door

If you have any Halloween decorations already or want to spend a few bucks, let your kids help you decorate the front door and the walkway leading up to it to create a fun, festive feel. Fake spider webs and spiders, orange lights and skeletons are all ideas on how to create a spooky, festive atmosphere. In a pinch for materials - construction paper makes the best pumpkins!

Make Fall Crafts

Crafts are a fun way to get your kids’ creative juices flowing. Make garlands by cutting out paper ghosts or bats, or make slime. Your kids could also paint rocks, make yarn pumpkins, or collect leaves for a homemade wreath. The options are endless!

Stay safe and Happy Halloween!

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