5 Ways to Make Chores Fun for Kids

Most young kids - and even adults - would not consider doing household chores like dusting or cleaning the toilet “fun”. And when they’re not having fun, it’s likely that the quality of their work may not be great and then those chores become bigger chores for us. They might even dread chore time. So how can you make the process of doing chores more fun for the kiddos? We came up with five ideas you can try out:

Make a chore chart board

Have your kids help you make a list of the possible chores that they can do around the house and write them out on a white board or poster. They can even decorate it to make it more personalized. Then, instead of just dividing all the chores between your kids, assign them one or two essential chores they must complete, and then have them choose the rest. Each time a chore is completed, your child can put a sticker on the chart. To make it even more fun and add a little incentive, the kids that complete all of their tasks at the end of the week can receive a prize, like getting an extra hour of electronics time or picking out the movie that the entire family will watch that weekend.

Cleaning dance party

Put on a playlist of your kids’ favorite songs, crank up the speaker, and have a dance party while cleaning! Let them sing out loud (and dance off some excess energy, too!) while getting the work done. Chores won’t feel so mundane when they get to belt out “Let It Go”. Bonus points if you join in on the fun!

Make up stories

As your kids help around the house, tell stories that will engage their imaginations. You can send them on “missions'', stressing that efficiency and the completion of the task (the chore) is the utmost importance for the survival of the world. When they are cleaning up their toys, have them pretend they are cleaning up Mars during a space mission or cleaning up a field for planting. When they’re doing dishes, pretend they are actually washing instruments that will be used in a science experiment that need to be super clean. No matter what story you tell, their chores will now seem a whole lot more interesting.

Take “fun” breaks

If they have several chores to complete, it can feel daunting to have to commit an extended period of time to household tasks. Help keep them energized and engaged by setting timed breaks. For example, you can tell them to do chores for 15 minutes, and then they will get a 10 minute break to go run around outside, before doing another 15 minutes of chores. Or even break it up by days - sometimes, if we break a task into smaller pieces, it doesn't seem so overwhelming and gets done faster!

Do a cleaning relay

Some chores require several steps. For example, changing the sheets requires stripping the bed, bringing the sheets to the laundry room, starting the washing machine, switching the load to the dryer, then putting the sheets back on the bed and making the bed. That’s a lot of steps! Assign your kids to certain tasks within the chore. So Kid 1 could strip the bed, Kid 2 could bring the sheets to the laundry room, and Kid 3 could start the washing machine. It’s fun when you are part of a team, and doing the task together will keep them motivated.

When it comes to chores and housework, routine isn’t always best. Kids can get bored when they have to do the same chores, week after week, with nothing really mixing things up. These 5 ways to help them have fun are just a few ideas to encourage them to help out around the house!

Bonus Fun Chore Activity - Scavenger Hunt

Pick up time is never fun or easy. But what if you turned it into a Scavenger Hunt? This tip works well for the little helpers at your house. Create a Scavenger Hunt by choosing different toys that the kids have to find and in order to "count" the toys have to be back in their home. Or--make toy pick up an Eye Spy game or even a treasure hunt - the first one to bring you the special treasure (always the last toy!) gets their lunch/dinner/bedtime snack first! The kids will enjoy the game - and you will be the winner for being able to see your living room floor again!