5 Activities to Make Learning Life Skills Fun

As kids grow, experiences shape the person they become. From the beginning, they observe the world around them and pick up new skills and learn lessons that continue to help with their personal development. As parents, we want to make sure they learn certain life skills and lessons; picking activities that target these areas can be helpful. Today, we will share five, simple activities for your kids that can help teach them important life skills - without even letting them know that you're teaching them!

Participate in grocery shopping

Next time you go grocery shopping, let your kids join in on the process. Before you go to the store, let them see how you make a budget and a list, and ask for their help to stick to it. When at the grocery store, teach them how to do comparative shopping; comparing the prices of items. Perhaps your kids want to “splurge” on name brand cereal-- ask them to check the prices of other cereals and see how much they could be saving. If they still want the name-brand cereal, have them review the list to see where money could be saved - for instance, by getting the least expensive bag of popcorn. By getting them involved, your kids will learn about budgeting and money management, as well as developing decision-making skills.

Discuss a book

The benefits of reading are well-known-- such as developing cognitive functioning, vocabulary, empathy and imagination-- but discussing what your child is reading can be valuable as well. Ask them questions, such as how different characters might be feeling in a situation. Or ponder together why the character made the choice that they did, and how making a different decision may have affected the outcome. These types of questions can facilitate perspective taking as well as increasing empathy for others.

Pack their own lunch

Even if they normally get “hot lunch” at school, you can have your child pack a cold lunch to eat at home on the weekends. Lay out some ground rules first; create food categories that will give them an outline on what they can pack-- perhaps it would look something like one sandwich, one fruit and one vegetable, and one dessert. Whatever you decide, make sure the meal is balanced and includes healthy components. Then let them decide what, specifically, they want to pack. This task will teach them how to finish tasks independently and how to make a balanced meal.

Plant a seedling

Grab a pot and some soil and pick out a plant to grow. Have your child plant the seed, and assign its care responsibility to them. They will be in charge of watering the plant routinely. They will learn patience as they wait for it to grow. They also will learn the responsibility of taking care of another living thing. Once it is spring, you can even have them help create a garden with food plants that will grow radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, or peppers. By doing this, they will learn about where food comes from.

Play a board game

Board games are a great family bonding activity. But they also teach your kids many valuable lessons. The games will provide the opportunity for your kids to learn how to lose gracefully. They will also allow your kids to hone their communication skills and improve their focus and concentration. Some games can also teach the value of teamwork.

As your kids grow up, so many experiences can be learning experiences! These are just a few of many ideas to help you to positively nurture important life skills for your kiddos.