If adults behaved like toddlers

We're adults.

We get up early (rarely), exercise (sometimes), and go to work (begrudgingly).

We're in charge.

Or maybe we just think we are. And in truth, there are many ways we could learn from the toddlers entrusted to our care.

Here's a little peek at how life could be if toddlers ruled the world – as if they aren’t don’t already. And in this alternate universe, our days could stand to look a lot more like theirs.

6 a.m.

Good morning! You spring out of bed - jabbering, running around in circles, and ready to face the day. Who needs an alarm when you get plenty of sleep and are excited about everything in store for you on this beautiful day?

Toddler tip: Mornings aren't so bad if you get plenty of sleep! Try it.

6:30 a.m.

It doesn't take long for you to get ready when you are channeling your inner toddler - grab the nearest clothes and don't even let it cross your mind that others don't think a ballerina skirt matches that old t-shirt. You look great!

Toddler tip: Who cares what your friends or coworkers think? Don't spend all your precious time worrying about what to wear. Instead, choose something you love and move on. (Bonus points for having your clothes ready the night before.)

7 a.m.

No day can truly begin without breakfast. You're in a hurry? Too bad.

Sit down and take your time. See how many times you can throw your cup of milk on the ground. It's magic - someone will pick it up for you. And we all know that if the milk does spill, it's most certainly worth crying over.

Toddler tip: Don't miss breakfast. And take a few minutes to sit down while you're doing it. (It's just one important way to take care of yourself - and it could make you a better parent.)

8 a.m.

It's play time. Wait. Every moment is play time when you are a toddler. Why bother with anything if it's not fun? And almost everything can be fun - cleaning, exercising, and all those other chores on your list.

Run circles around the house. Sort spoons from the dishwasher. Sing a song as you fold laundry. (And by folding laundry, we mean throw the laundry that's already been folded.)

Toddler tip: Make all those to-do list items a little more fun. If toddlers can do it, so can you.

11 a.m.

Uh-oh. It's the mid-morning temper tantrum. Something didn't go your way and you are not pleased. Luckily, you have been given vocal chords to scream, tear ducts to cry, and feet to stomp. Why have them if you can't use them?

Toddler tip: Meltdowns aren't fun for parents and no one wants to see a temper tantrum from an adult. But, we could probably all do a little better at understanding and expressing our emotions. And no one is better at expressing emotions than kids. (Although we could still help them learn to control and channel those emotions.)