Great board games for kids under 5

Family game night is a timeless family activity that is shared across cultures and time.

"Adults and children can spend quality time together while developing good cognitive skills and engaging in family-friendly competition," Angie Kendall, Director of Communication, Child Abuse Council of the Quad Cities, said.

Playing together offers the perfect time to demonstrate to your child(ren) how to be a good sport.

"It's easy to want to let your children win a game, but board games are a great activity to teach and model a variety of behaviors," Kendall explained. "In the safe environment of your home children can learn that there are times when we lose, times when we win, and moments when we work together for a shared outcome."

We asked Quad City parents to share their favorite board games for children under five. Because we received so many great comments, we broke them up into current games and classic games.

Current Trends There are a lot of great, new games that are showing up on the shelves. Some of the new games focus on winning together as well as winning individually.

“We like having a variety of games that challenge our 4-year-old to win individually as well as learning lessons about working as a team. Board games really bring joy into our home,” one parent commented.

“We still play a lot of Go Fish. She has gone from matching the picture or card color to knowing the numbers. It has been a fun way to see her growing,” one parent noted.

Classic Games