15 things for kids to do inside this winter

Winter can be a tough time to entertain your kids. When the weather is frigid, you are probably stuck inside with lots of energy! But don't let the cold temps get you own.

Here are a few creative ways to keep your kids entertained inside - all tried-and-true by local parents.

Building forts

This is always a fun way to spend an afternoon - grab chairs, pillows and blankets and create a large fort in the living room. This can also become the perfect spot for an indoor picnic and storytime.

Science experiments

(Jen, mom of 4-year-old and 2-year-old boys)

You are never too young to start trying science projects at home. Kids love to try things themselves, and there are a lot of wonderful experiments that are great for all ages.

A few ideas from Jen, a high-school science teacher with two young sons:

  • Volcanoes with baking soda and vinegar: Build a base of a volcano using a cup and foil on a paper plate. Allow your child to add baking soda and food coloring to the volcano. Then count down to the eruption and dump in the vinegar for the "explosion."

  • Magic Milk Paint: Fill a pan with milk and place drops of food coloring on top of the milk. Then tap a q-tip coated in dish soap on the milk. The explosion is fun for kids and it's a great way to reinforce color identification.

  • Density Layer Cake: This experiment layers liquids based on their density. After gathering the ingredients and adding colors to the liquids, your child can pour them together and watch as they stay separated.

  • Borax Crystal Snowflakes: This involves a bit more adult involvement and boiling water, but the snowflakes make lovely decorations for your home during the winter months.

Dance party

(Sarah, mom of 2-year-old and 1-year-old boys)

Get the wiggles out with a quick dance party! Turn up the music and pratice all your moves together.

No-mess painting

If you worry about the mess after finger painting, this project's for you. In a plastic Ziplock bag, add a few squirts of different paint colors. Your kids can use their fingers to spell their names or make pictures in the paint through the bag.

Best of all - no clean-up needed!

Obstacle course

(Stephanie, mom of 4-year-old and 1-year-old boys)​

Create an obstacle course throughout your home for your kids. They can practice climbing over chairs, crawling under tables and squeezing through tight spaces.

Water play

Splashing in the water isn't limited to summer days. Set up your child with a few bowls and cups at the kitchen sink.

Treasure hunt

Hide a treasure somewhere in your home and then create a treasure map for your child to find it. This is also a great time to break out your pirate vocabulary. "Yo-ho-ho."

Balloon tennis

(Brittany, mom of twin 2-year-old girls)