Four things you should hear this Mother's Day

If anyone deserves breakfast in bed, a massage or a dozen roses this Mother's Day, it's you.

(Actually, we think you deserve that every single Sunday.)

But mom, we think you deserve more. The role you play in the lives of your family members means that you need to hear a few things this Mother's Day. (Or really any day.)

You are loved.

You may not realize it, but to be a mom is to be loved unconditionally and eternally.

You are your child's first love - and likely the first person who makes a lasting impression. You will make mistakes, but that love never goes away. The love your kids feel for you will continue to be wide and deep. (Yes, even when they are teenagers. Promise.)

Everything you do doesn't go unnoticed.

You feel underappreciated - and you probably are. But your family notices all you do for them - and they love you for it. That's why you are who they count on.

They can count on mom to bring tennis shoes when they are forgotten at home.

They can count on mom to make sure dinner is on the table - even on the busiest of nights.

They can count on mom for the hundreds and thousands of things they need over the course of their lifetime.

You are a wonderful mother.

There are days we just feel like failures. Our kids have an epic meltdown at the park. We forget the school carnival or holiday concert. We lose our temper and regret it.

But that doesn't change the fact that you are an amazing mom - and you are doing so many things very right.

You are beautiful.

As women, we put far too much pressure on ourselves - and this is especially true when it comes to physical appearance.

But here's the truth - your family thinks you are beautiful, inside and out. It may not be the most important thing, but know that your beauty shines through every single day. With or without makeup and with or without yoga pants.

Even when you think you look atrocious, your loved ones see your beauty.