4 things your kids don’t care about

Guess what? Those things you worry about and plan for and lose sleep over ... many of those things you think you are "doing for your kids" ...

Your kids actually don't care about those things at all.

In 21st century parenting, we understand that we must provide for our kids. But somewhere along the way, "providing" has become synonomous with money and status.

But that's not what our kids really want and need. Here are a few reality checks.

1. Your kids don't care about how big of a house you have.

Most adults care a lot about status. We strive for large houses and shiny new cars and fancy vacations. (And we definitely make sure to share these things on Facebook.)

But the truth is that kids don't care about any of it. They don't care if they live in a new mansion, a small apartment or a ranch on a cul-de-sac. They don't care whether they arrive to soccer practice in an old mini van or a fancy SUV.

What do they care about?

Your kids need to be safe and loved by you. You can do this every day - regardless of the number of bedrooms in your house.

2. Your kids don't care about your waist size.

Check out the magazine covers in the supermarket. You'll see offers to look thinner and lose 30 pounds. You'll also see cover models who have been edited so much that their beauty is literally unattainable.

But your kids love you in yoga pants and no makeup. They love you when you are still battling the extra baby weight. They are blind to how you see yourself - and they already think you are beautiful. Your kids will love you regardless of what you look like or how thin you are.

What do they care about?

Your kids want you to take care of yourself and stay healthy - because they need you around for a long time. As for the size of your pants, they could care less - really. (Also, give yourself a break.)

3. Your kids don't care about your IQ.

Being smart is great. It could help you do better in school, get into a better college, and even land a great job. Your intelligence could mean you are well-respected by your friends and collegues.

But your kids? They don't care if you are a genius. At all. And even if you are super smart, they probably won't notice anyhow.

What do they care about?

Your kids want your encouragement and support. They care that you sit with them at the kitchen table and help them with their geometry homework. (And it's okay that you don't really know anything about geometry.)

4. Your kids don't care how much money you spend on activities or trips.

There are hundreds of activities your kids could be participating in at any moment. There are classes, museums, concerts, and shows. These are wonderful opportunities for children, but doing them all may empty your wallet and exhaust your entire family.

In truth, your kids don't care if they are being shuttled from one expensive activity to the next. They don't care if they make it to every child-friendly event or show in the Quad Cities.

What do they care about?