Connecting with Caregivers: Jamie

Here at now what?, we are thankful for the amazing resources in the Quad Cities. (Check out a few of them here.) And we are also thankful for all the amazing caregivers in the area.

Including you.

That's why we want to spotlight some caregivers right here. To celebrate you and support you in your journey. For many of us, connecting with other caregivers normalizes the ups and downs we all experience.

Meet Jamie of Davenport.

Jamie is many things to many people - mom to 7-year-old Brianna, case manager at Family Resources and student earning her earning her master's degree in organizational leadership.

To say she's busy would be an understatement. (Sound familiar?)

Here are Jamie's answers to our five prompts:

The way I manage my busy life ...


It can be hard to keep everything straight - running my daughter to dance and school, getting to school myself - so I carry a planner with me everywhere. And I write down everything.

When I really felt like I did something right as a parent ...

When my daughter is doing her homework or reading by herself. She's very independent.

She also really encourages me. She's always pushing herself and I love that.

How I practice what I preach ...

I make sure to go to the gym and she comes with me. It's great for me and also teaches her to value her own health.

And I also never want her to settle. I'm trying to teach her that school is so important. I remind her that we're both in school, and we'll actually do homework together.

Who I lean on for support ...

The people I work with are extremely supportive.

I also have extended family and appreciate the help of other parents, too.

I'm not ashamed to ask for help. I have caught myself not wanting to do it in the past, but I got over that.

(Read more about developing your own tribe.)

Advice for other single parents ...

Remember to breathe.