Connecting with caregivers: Heide and Brent

Here at now what?, we are thankful for the amazing resources in the Quad Cities. (Check out a few of them here.) And we are also thankful for all the amazing caregivers in the area.

Including you.

That's why we want to spotlight some caregivers right here. To celebrate you and support you in your journey. For many of us, connecting with other caregivers normalizes the ups and downs we all experience.

Meet the Peterson family in Bettendorf.

Like many in the Quad Cities, this family stays busy. Brent and Heide own two local businesses - Peterson Home Inspections and Peterson Radon Testing. They are also parents to three-year-old Nora and two-year-old Charles.

Here are Heide's answers to our four prompts:

My favorite part of being a parent ...

The enormous amount of love we have for our children and knowing the love we've provided is molding our kids into responsible, good people.

Seeing our kids reach milestones is also amazing. They do things every day that make us proud.

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The biggest challenge in parenting is ...


As a business owners, our phones are ringing a lot. For us, the thing that works best is having a schedule and routine for our kids.

The most important thing we do is eat dinner together. It's something we focus on doing together everyday.

We also spend time as a family every night - giving baths, playing and putting our kids to bed. It's something we make sure to make time for.

It puts things into perspective - there are things that matter and things that don't.

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How to find a balance as a mom ...

A lot of moms I know put themselves last. It can really be hard to put yourself first.

Everyone feels like they can do more, but try to remember that we're all doing the best we can.

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My advice ...

My biggest advice to other parents is to find a routine. Children thrive on routine.

My husband and I have similar parenting styles - we focus on family time and structure.