The gifts of parenting perspective

We at now what? hope your holiday season is full of special magic and memories.

But we also know firsthand that being a caregiver brings lots of frustrating moments. The moments that don't make it into the family photo album.

Maybe it's a matter of perspective. Here are are a few of the frustrating moments parents encounter, and how they are really great gifts, too. (You can laugh with us.)

holiday gifts.jpg

Staging a sit-in.

You are in a hurry to get out of the grocery store so you can get dinner on the table before 9 p.m. Instead, your toddler decides it's the perfect time to sit down on the floor in aisle four and refuse to move.

This is really the gift of raising a non-conformist.

Lucky you! Many parents worry that their children will get into trouble from following the crowd. Not your little angel. She clearly knows when it's time to take a stand and make a difference.

An inopportune blowout.

It was a picture-perfect moment on Santa's lap - until your darling baby leaked right through her diaper.

This is really the gift of a healthy digestive system.

Your pediatrician said babies should have a certain number of dirty diapers each day - so you have one more for the count. Plus, you were totally prepared with a change of clothes, right? (If not, just go with the digestive system.)

Louder than a megaphone.

Every time you arrive at the library (or the department store, or the doctor's office), your little guy happily screams at the top of his lungs. There's just something he loves about hearing his own echoing voice.

This is really the gift of a voice.

Who needs a radio when you have a yelling child? It's like music to your ears. No? The good news is that your son has a working voice box. And maybe even a future as an opera singer - or a successful auctioneer.

The "oh, ****" moment.

Your child can't remember to pick up her toys, but she certainly can recall a special four-letter word when she was arguing with her friend at school.

This is really the gift of listening.

What a great listener! You may realize that she heard something she shouldn't have, but at least she's listening. Now, it's time to work on cleaning up those toys.

Clashing style.

It doesn't matter if it's school, church or family photos - your child wants to dress himself. The outfits don't match and are rarely seasonally appropriate - but a Superman cape is perfect for any occasion.

This is really the gift of expression.

It's great that your child is finding ways to express himself! He is obviously channeling his inner-crime-fighter. And what parent wouldn't want their child to be a superhero?