Taking time for the rocking chair

As caregivers, many of us are running on fumes. Some days just pass by in a blur.

That's on a normal day. Around the holidays, life can shift into hyperdrive.

But it can also be important to slow down. This story from Jesse Anderson, a dad of two in LeClaire, is a great reminder that sometimes, we just have to let our kids "touch the rocking chair."


"When my daughter was younger, her daycare had a rocking chair outside the entrance.I was thinking about getting home and eating dinner and everything else.

But when kids are distracted, it's hard to do what you need to do. And she wanted to sit on that rocking chair. But I wanted to leave.

After so many days, I finally let her do it. It only took 30 seconds to let her touch the rocking chair.

Sometimes, I just have to slow down and let her touch the rocking chair. I have to let her be a kid."

What's your child's rocking chair?

You can't always let your child do exactly what he or she wants. (Check out more about this in our post about taming tantrums.)

But sometimes, adults are just rushing through life. And kids don't do that. They are perfectly happy to stop when something catches their eye.

You see this in action by watching a toddler meander through the aisles at the grocery store. No rush to get anywhere. Even if mom or dad are in a rush.


We could all learn a thing or two from our kids. Sometimes, there are a few extra seconds that are perfect for rocking in a rocking chair.

Your kids are trying to tell you something - make sure you are listening.

By slowing down this holiday season, you may see something new and magical through your child's eyes.