12 days of holiday traditions

There are a lot of reasons that traditions matter -

  • They help children feel loved.

  • They give kids a sense of security.

  • They add stability to families.

Traditions can happen any time - a story before bed, a secret handshake or a special way your family says I love you.

And the holiday season brings with it lots of traditions - both new and old.

If you are looking for some fun new traditions to introduce to your family family, here are 12 ideas.

now what holiday traditions.jpg

1. Perform random acts of holiday kindness.

Pay for the meal of the person behind you in the drive-through, leave change by a vending machine at the hospital, bake cookies for local police officers. These acts of kindess will not only remind your children of all you have to be thankful for - it will also remind you.

2. Consider a kids tree.

Give your kids their own trees to decorate. Each year, your kids can choose their own trees, with the caveat that the trees can only be as tall as each child is that year. Encourage your children to decorate the trees however they wish. This can be a fun way to nurture a kid's creativity.

3. Host a cookie exchange.

Invite a few other families over and swap cookies. This is a fun holiday tradition that will fill your hearts with fellowship and your tummies with sweets.

4. Encourage your kids to give to those who need it.

The holidays are a wonderful time to encourage giving in your children. Try one of these ideas:

5. Make an annual ornament.

There are so many great ornaments you could make as a family, but try this unique twist: Ask your family to work together to create an ornament that best describes the year in review. This will be a fun way to remember the best memories of the year and have something to recall it every year.

6. Embrace your heritage.

Do some research with your children and embrace traditions from your heritage. Visit local cultural holiday attractions, prepare traditional dishes, and try crafts or activities that your ancestors may have enjoyed.