Connecting with caregivers: Kacey

Here at now what?, we are thankful for the amazing resources in the Quad Cities. (Check out a few of them here.) And we are also thankful for all the amazing caregivers in the area.

Including you.

That's why we want to spotlight some caregivers right here. To celebrate you and support you in your journey. For many of us, connecting with other caregivers normalizes the ups and downs we all experience.

Meet Kacey Fleshman of Colona.

Like most caregivers, she wears many hats.

  • Mom to Jameson.

  • Hair stylist at Pure Hair Studio in Davenport.

  • Home owner.

  • Daughter.

  • Sister.

  • Friend.

Here are her answers to our five prompts:

My favorite part of being a parent ...

I get to be silly.

There are lots of things I love, but this is probably my favorite.

The hardest part of being a parent ...

Having to balance between being the fun, nurturing mom and the disciplinarian. It's not always easy switching between good guy and bad guy.

When I really felt like I did something right ...

When Jameson went to preschool, he told me he missed his daycare provider, so we had dinner with her.

On our way home, he told me it was the best day of his life. I didn't have to buy him anything. He just knew I did something just for him and appreciated it.

Who's in my tribe ...

  • My clients, who I network with and ask for advice.

  • My coworkers, who are my closest friends and many of whom have kids the same age.

  • And especially my parents, who are always there for us.

(Read more about developing your own tribe.)

When I've felt supported as a parent ...

A few times, I've gotten cards in the mail when nothing was wrong. It meant a lot to me when someone encouraged me out of the blue.

(Check out these other ways to support parents.)

Raising kids isn't always easy, but knowing that others are experiencing some of the same ups and downs can help.

Reach out and connect with your own tribe (or make new connections). It can really help in your parenting journey.

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