What I wish I knew then (a list for caregivers)

All caregivers have a list of things they wish they had known before they had children.

Some of us have so many things on this list that we could write a book.

There isn't an instruction book for raising kids, and many of us have to learn lessons the hard way. Through experience, trial and error.

Here are a few things local parents wish they knew before they had kids. And we hope you'll add to our "what I wish I knew then" list in the comments.


It's not always easy.

"You don't realize how much work it will be until you become a mommy. But I've also realized I can do it." Brittany Bean, a mom of twins in Moline.

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"You can't control or fix everything." Jessica Gregory, a mom of two in Davenport. (Find out what to do when you mess up as a parent.)

It's all about perspective.

"Every person has a different idea of picture perfect." Kacey Fleshman, a mom of one in Colona.

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Embrace the differences.

"Every mom is different. Every child is different. Nothing is black and white." Randi Rockwell, a mom of one in Rock Island.

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Ask for help.

"It's easy to feel helpless when you have a screaming three-year-old on your hip but your are not alone. There are people and organizations to help." Amy Jones, a mom of two in Bettendorf.

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No child is perfect.

"All kids do distasteful things now and again. Your child's behavior isn't always a reflection of you as a parent." Shannon LaPay, a mom of one in Cordova.

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Some things are hereditary (even the good things). "As protective I am of my boys, I never realized how protective they would be of me. I created two boys who care as much as I do." Nichole Femali, a mom of two in Geneseo.