12 Christmas Activities to Enjoy this Year

Christmas is right around the corner, and soon your kids will be out of school for winter break. While some of your holiday traditions may be disrupted because of the coronavirus, it is never too late to try new ones! We came up with a few suggestions to keep your kids busy and your family having fun this holiday season!

1. Decorate gingerbread houses

You can make the gingerbread slabs ahead of time, buy a kit with pre-made gingerbread, or use graham crackers! Once the houses are put together (if you are not planning on eating the house once it's done, consider hot gluing the four sides and roof together--this will prevent unfortunate house collapses), lay out an assortment of candies and snack items for decorating. Some fun items to look for are mini candy canes, peppermints, pretzels, gum drops, graham crackers, licorice, Skittles, and shredded wheat. But regardless of what you find at home or choose to buy, your kids will have a blast!

2. Make ornaments

The options are endless for your kids' creativity. Search the Internet for inspiration-- whether you choose to use items around the house, like construction paper, markers and string-- or decide to buy some plain, plastic balls to decorate with glitter or tissue paper, you will be able to find something that gets everyone excited to make.

3. Take a drive to look at Christmas lights

A safe way to get out of the house this year, driving around with your kids to admire the light displays is sure to be a fun time. Play some Christmas music and discuss which houses are each family member likes best. Check out this list for all the great light displays!

4. Have a hot chocolate bar

Make a batch of hot chocolate -- whether you go for the reliable hot cocoa powder mix or you are feeling more adventurous and choose to go homemade. Set up a toppings station with whipped cream, marshmallows, sprinkles, and chocolate sauce and let your kids add to their mug as they wish.

5. Bake and decorate cookies

Baking cookies is an all-time Christmas classic, and for good reason! Let your kids help you mix the ingredients, and once the cookies are out of the oven, set up a decorating table with frosting, sprinkles and sugar. And of course, when the decorating is finished, enjoy the fruits of everyone’s efforts. Want to simplify this activity and just focus on decorating? Purchase some pre-made sugar cookies from the grocery store!

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6. Have a spa day

Set up your girls (and boys too if they want!) with an at home spa day! Fill a large bowl or Tupperware with warm water to let their feet soak before having them (or you) paint their toenails. Paint their fingernails, too for a manicure. Spoil them with some lotion for their legs, and maybe even give them a face mask.

7. Write thank you notes for mail/delivery persons

This year, the delivery and postal services have been abnormally busy because of Covid-19. Show appreciation for their hard work by having your kids write thank you notes and leave them taped to your mailbox or front door. You could also make small goodie bags with some fun-sized candy, hand-sanitizer, and bottled water to show your thanks.

8. Cut out paper snowflakes