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19 adults who impact kids' lives (besides you)

All kids need great adults in their lives.

And while having wonderful parents is a part of this, it's only one piece of the puzzle.

There are many adults who make a lasting impact on our kids. We want to celebrate these adults today and all year! They may see children everyday in a classroom or a soccer field, or they may only meet a child once.

As the holidays approach, now's a great time to thank those adults in your child's life who continue to make a difference.

Here are 19 of the people who may deserve a card or pat on the back this year ...

  1. Neighbors

  2. Carpool drivers

  3. Aunts and uncles

  4. Teachers

  5. Choir and band directors

  6. Grandparents

  7. Pastors, rabbis or other religious leaders

  8. School principals

  9. Bus drivers

  10. Bosses

  11. Children's librarians

  12. Museum employees

  13. Volunteer coordinators

  14. Guidance counselors

  15. Sunday School teachers

  16. Scout leaders

  17. Tutors

  18. Coaches

  19. Classroom volunteers

We believe that adults can make a very powerful impact in kids lives. And we also know that many of these people don't even realize how important they are. So it's up to us to tell them!

Who's someone who has made a different in your kids' lives?

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