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7 types of dad we adore

Daddy. Dad. Father. Papa.

No matter what you call him, dads are a crucial part of a child's life.

And while dads and moms each play an important role in a chid's development, we want to celebrate dad and his many sides for Father's Day.

All dads have different talents and personalities and we're celebrating a few today. Do any of these dads sound familiar to you? (Or maybe the dads in your life fit several of these descriptions.)

The protector.

When monsters are under your bed or a bully is picking on you at school, the protector dad is the guy to turn to. Whether it's a word of advice or a special monster potion, this dad understands that sometimes every kid needs a real-life superhero.

The fixer.

Who fixes the car, your DVD player or the bubble wand? The fixer dad does. And don't forget that sometimes, things need fixing on the inside. Even broken hearts and disappointment can be soothed during a conversation with a fixer.

The playmate.

Mom can be lots of fun, sure. But there's nothing quite like the playmate dad - who spends lots of time wrestling, running and tackling his daughters and sons. This goofy and fun-loving dad never truly grew up - which everyone loves!

The provider.

Every dad wants his children to have everything they need. And every provider dad works hard to make sure his kids are taken care of. This hard work will show his family that work ethic is a key to success.

The big teddy bear.

The teddy bear dad may be a tough guy to most who know him. But to you, he's sentimental, protective and downright cuddly. He tucks his kids in at night and hugs them before he leaves in the morning. Just because a dad looks tough on the outside doesn't mean he isn't soft inside.

The teacher.

Dad doesn't have to be a career teacher to play that role in his child's life. The teacher dad works on flash cards with his kids, watches YouTube videos to explain how to solve a math problem, and walks his children through the steps to change a tire.

The comedian.

Always joking, the comedian dad lives for a laugh or smile from his family. He can be identified by his goofy expressions, constant joke-telling, and ability to see the funny side of life.

The Superfan.

Who is on the sidelines in his personalized sports T-shirt or beaming in the audience of every single dance or piano recital? That's Superfan dad. He's the dad who is bursting with pride about the accomplishments of his children and would rather watch pee wee baseball over the major leagues any day.

Not all dads fit into one of these categories - and that's okay. Each dad is special and can love his kids in the best way for them. So celebrate the type of dad you have!

Do any of these descriptions fit you or your dad? If not, share the type of dad you have and why you love him.

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