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Want to learn more about brain development, building resiliency or the impact of toxic stress on young children? Visit our Adverse Childhood Experiences page for resources ranging from articles to videos.


Learn about building strong families and how we are working to build resiliency in children and families.


Parenting and caregiving isn't easy, and we know children don't come with instruction manuals. We believe that everyone sometimes needs help and support and we believe everyone deserves that help. It is part of our mission to provide the information and support you need to raise happy, healthy children. 


Learn about the programming that we offer:



Looking for real advice from parents and experts? Want to engage with other caretakers on real issues? Check out the now what? blog.


Below  are variety of pages full of parent and caregiver resources that we have gathered to help you in your journey to raise healthy, happy and resilient children. 


Child Abuse Prevention

How can you keep your children safe? How can you keep others safe? Be sure to download our Disclosure Tip Sheet and don't forget to check out our Sex Abuse Prevention page too.

New Parents

In addition to Basic Training for New Dads and the Healthy Families Home Visiting Program and Doula Services, here are some other great resources for new parents or soon-to-be parents who are preparing for their journey.

Child Development

Understanding child development is our expertise. We know that when caregivers understand how their child develops and how they can support that healthy development, we have healthier children and families. As a community leader in early childhood development and the protection of children, we strive to provide the best programs for building the future of the Quad Cities by supporting the youngest community members.  


Racism & Social Justice

“We may be uncomfortable talking about race, but we can no longer afford to be silent. We have chosen a profession that—like parenting—requires us to put our comforts second to those of children.” -Jamilah Pitts

It's never too early to starting talking to children about racism and inequality. Here you will find resources to help navigate sometimes difficult, but necessary conversations.  

Early Childhood Mental Health

Infants, toddlers, preschoolers...mental health plays an incredibly important role in every person's development, no matter their age.  Here are some great tools to learn more about Infant and early childhood mental health.

Books are Powerful Tools

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." — Emilie Buchwald


Children learn so much from books and stories, even when we don’t think they are listening. We recommend using books to teach many things, from emotional literacy to protecting their bodies. Here are some great book lists for parents and children. 


Kindergarten Readiness

Check out some great ways to ensure your child is ready for kindergarten. Looking for information on teaching compassion and empathy - check out these articles from Scholastic and Huffpost



Keeping children safe is the primary function of adults in our community. Check out these resources. 


Internet and Social Media

Technology is an incredibly powerful tool. Without guidance, guidelines and appropriate supervision it can also be very dangerous. Make sure you read these tips before your children access any technology. 

Screen Time, Marketing and Children

Children are exposed to a tremendous amount of violence and sexualization in their environment. Learn more about that and how it impacts them here