The Child Abuse Council and the Trauma Informed Care Consortium wanted to create a community understanding of child abuse, and they wanted to do it in a new, creative way. We applaud them for their risk-taking and we are supporting their efforts with the now what? campaign.


Designed to help us explore the reasons we ask this question as parents, grandparents, caregivers and in the many other roles we play in our community, and designed to spark conversation about the complex answers, we are working together to create an online dialogue. Because our world is shaped by the people in it, we want to share a little about ourselves and our work. 




It's a team effort.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

This group was pulled together as a unique team of freelancers who decided to tackle this project because of its creativity, content and character. It's not just another job. It's about contributing to an organization that is protecting our children and creating a stronger community. 


now what? started as a project of the prevention team of the Eastern Iowa-Western Illinois Trauma Informed Care Consortium.  


now what? was developed after a community assessment of child abuse prevention in the Quad Cities and the project was born out of the Eastern Iowa - Western Illinois Trauma Informed Care Consortium team made up of: 


  • Gwen Deming, CPPC

  • Pam Lynch, Child Care Resource and Referral of Southeast Iowa

  • Tara Weets, Genesis Bright Beginnings

  • Christine Gradert, Family Resources, Inc

  • Nik Kerr, CADS

  • Molli Nickerson, Scott County Kids

  • Alyssa Acton, Family Resources, Inc