now what? 

You are the solution.

Maybe you coach a baseball team or you help care for the neighbor kids from time to time. You are investing in the safety and security of the children in our community. But, that doesn't mean that you know all the answers, and you might start asking now what?


Most of us use our own experiences or the advice of friends to guide our interactions with children and experience is a valuable teacher, but we can help you with more. We can help you answer the many now what? reactions that we are faced with as we protect the children in our community.


Follow our blog. Share our resources. Engage in a twitter discussion with us. Because it truly does take a village to raise our children and we want to offer the tools needed to bring awareness and education to preventing child abuse. 

Support that makes this campaign possible

now what? began as a project of the prevention team of the Quad Cities Area Trauma Informed Care Consortium


now what? was developed after a community assessment of child abuse prevention in the Quad Cities. 


The goals of  now what? are to: 


1. Normalize parents seeking support and help as a manner of child abuse prevention

2. Engage community in how they can work to prevent child abuse

3. Work to build resiliency in families through promotion of the 5 protective factors