Mikayla's Story

Our Doula program is part of our home visitation services, and provides prenatal health and labor support for young mothers-to-be. We are honored to go into participants homes and help them keep their children healthy and safe and support them to achieve their highest aspiration.


Mikayla is one of those brave mothers who opened her doors, asked for support and is living her dreams today. 

Last week one of our family support workers sat with a high school student and selected courses for her first year of college. They talked about scheduling, course load and what the homework expectations might be in the different classes. It was a scene you might see in houses across the area as students eye graduation just a few months away. For us the scene is extra special. You see, this young teen isn't just a typical high school student. She is also a mother to a beautiful baby girl who was born more than 10 weeks before her due date. 

For months Mikayla spent days in the NICU hovering over her daughter and asking questions of the doctors and she spent nights desperately trying to keep up with her school work. She called her Family Support Worker for help understanding what was happening to her baby, to learn how to advocate for her child in the medical system, to understand how breast pumps work and to simply be heard. We were honored to answer every call and remind Mikayla that she already had everything she needed to succeed inside her. 


There were times she asked how she could possibly finish high school. Graduation seemed like a lofty goal as time passed and Mikayla fell behind. Setbacks in her daughters development, new diagnoses, and constant change in treatment course exhausted her energy and took her on an emotional roller coaster each day. But she kept fighting. She kept answering the door when we came and calling us when she needed help. She never stopped loving her child and dreaming of her future. 


Her dedication paid off. Last year was a lifetime ago to Mikayla. Today, she isn't worried about her homework and wondering if she will graduate. Today she is planning for what happens after graduation.  

Her experience in labor and delivery as well as her weeks in the NICU with her baby showed her the importance of quality care and support of new mothers and babies. She has decided to pursue a career as a labor and delivery nurse. This fall she will begin courses to do just this. 

Your donations ensured Mikayla had the support she deserves as she raises her baby girl and strives to and achieve her highest dreams.

Your continued support will help others to reach their full potential and ensure all of our children have the healthy, happy childhood they deserve.