Other Resources 


Want to learn more about brain development, building resiliency or the impact of toxic stress on young children? Visit our Adverse Childhood Experiences page for loads of resources-from articles to video it is chock full of things for you!


Learn about building strong families and how we are working to build resiliency in children and families.


Kindergarten Readiness

Starting school can be a tough transition, especially during a pandemic!  Check out this great new resource from our Safe From the Start Team to help you and your family OR you and your new class make a smooth transition to preschool, kindergarten, or even those bigger kid grades!

We work closely with our friends at United Way of the Quad Cities to support their many initiatives to build health, education and income in the Quad City area. Check out their site to learn more about the Kindergarten Skills Inventory and what your child needs to be ready for kindergarten.   

You can also find the 10 Things Your Child Needs to Know Before Kindergarten resource on United Way of the Quad Cities' page!


Don't forget the importance of preparing your child for this big change in their life. There are lots of books to check out at the library about starting school, separating from caregivers, riding the bus, meeting new friends and many other topics!


As the school year nears begin adding these to your story times to help your child understand what is coming! Allow them to ask questions when they are confused or sacred. Make you honor your child's feelings. It's normal to be scared, excited or nervous about something so new! Talk about what it means and what your child can expect. If possible try to visit your child's school and ride the bus ahead of time. 


Also, don't forget to talk about bus safety if they are going to ride the bus. 


Here are some final tips to help any child prepare for their first day of school!


  • Have your child help you pick out their school supplies, especially their backpack!

  • Practice riding the bus or the school route so they know what to expect and are less anxious about the experience.

  • If you send your child to school with a lunch plan the menu out together. It will make it easier for you to shop and prep and get them excited about packing it!

  • Create a “first day of school” photo tradition. One idea is to purchase a shirt with the words “Class of XX” that you think will be large enough for when they graduate. Have your child wear it every year and watch them grow! Or, take their photo holding a sign with all their favorites and future plans (favorite color, food, hobby, what they want to be when they grow up, etc.), each year their responses will change!

  • Pick out a special “first day of school” outfit together!