"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world"

--Nelson Mandela


We all have the ability to be change-agents and it starts with education. As your local expert and through our collaborative partnerships,  we are giving you the tools to start changing the life of child.


Each year we host an annual conference generating conversation and inspiring others to continue educating their organizations on the latest trends and treatments. We have numerous community programs that are developed to match the needs of our community.


Every April is National Child Abuse Awareness month and we plan numerous activities to highlight efforts being made in the Quad City community and to spark the conversation surrounding the safety and security of children and their families. 


Learn more about prevention, visit our resources page for great websites, and/or volunteer with our organization. 


Sometimes you might be asking yourself now what? You are not alone. Join the conversation at our blog to learn more about exploring the many answers to now what?