Early Childhood Mental Health


Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers...mental Health plays an incredibly important role in every person's development no matter their age. 


Here are some great tools to learn more from the Iowa Association for Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health:


What Is Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health?

5 Things You Should Know About Early Childhood Mental Health

Core Knowledge in Physical, Mental and Oral Health and Nutrition for Young Children Ages Birth Through Five Years

Happy Grams - Feelings Resource


Don't forget that an important part of mental health is emotional literacy. That is understanding what emotions he or she is experiencing and how to cope with them. It is important children see and understand that they have a right to their emotions-and adults are there to help them cope with these things.  Check out these book lists for some titles on understanding emotions. Meanwhile, make sure you label your own emotions and coping skills as well as modeling healthy emotional reactions and management. 

Other Resources

Want to learn more about brain development, building resiliency or the impact of toxic stress on young children? Visit our Adverse Childhood Experiences page for loads of resources-from articles to video it is chock full of things for you!


Learn about building strong families and how we are working to build resiliency in children and families.

Book Lists

Books are incredibly powerful tools and an important part of your child's development. We have created several book lists for caregivers to refer to for their young children.