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Connections Matter:

Developing Brain, Relationships, and Community

We all face tough times.


Ongoing stress from these tough times can lead to poor health and other challenges as the brain adapts to survive. But research is showing us ways to change these outcomes.


An action-based response to the ACE study, Connections Matter highlights the importance of building caring connections with the children, families and adults in our lives to developing healthy brains, supportive relationships and thriving communities. This 20-minute or 50-minute evidence-based, interactive presentation describes how stress impacts the brain and why relationships improve individual and community well-being. Attendees will leave with specific ideas for the actions they can take in their professional and personal lives, and will end the session by identifying their next steps.


Together, we can engage more people in creating environments that strengthen families from the start and give children and adults with a history of trauma an opportunity to heal.


This project is led by the Central Iowa ACES 360 Steering Committee, Trauma Informed Care Project and Developing Brain Group.