Other Resources

Want to learn more about brain development, building resiliency or the impact of toxic stress on young children? Visit our Adverse Childhood Experiences page for loads of resources-from articles to video it is chock full of things for you!


Learn about building strong families and how we are working to build resiliency in children and families.




Keeping children safe is the primary function of adults in our community. 


The SafeKids site is full of great information on how to keep children safe. From drowning to leaving a child unattended in a car the resource list is huge!

The Parent's Guide to Child Safety  from Family Living Today has great resources on child safety for parents and caregivers.



Car Safety

Don't forget to also check out local seat belt and car seat laws in your state to ensure you are not only following the laws but keeping your child safe. 


How to buy a child safety seat


State of IL Car Seat Laws


State of IA Car Seat Laws


Don't forget that TEXTING AND DRIVING is illegal in Illinois and Iowa. In Illinois talking on a cell phone is also illegal. 


Make it a habit when you have a child to check your back seat EVERY TIME you get out of your car to ensure you never leave a child behind on accident. It is never safe to leave a child alone in a car-regardless of the weather, length of time or location!