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Want to learn more about brain development, building resiliency or the impact of toxic stress on young children? Visit our Adverse Childhood Experiences page for loads of resources-from articles to video it is chock full of things for you!



Building Strong Families


We know that strong families are the foundation of a strong community! Part of strong families is building resilience in children! To learn more, and for resources on building resiliency, visit our Child Abuse Prevention and Resiliency Page. 


The Search Institute has developed the 40 Developmental Assets to help adults understand what things children need to be successful adults.  Learn more about ways you can promote these assets below!


40 Developmental Assets for Infants

40 Developmental Assets for Early Childhood

40 Developmental Assets for Middle Childhood

40 Developmental Assets for Children

40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents

Family Assets



Child Development


Understanding child development is our expertise. We know that when caregivers understand how their child develops and how they can support that healthy development we have healthier children and families. As a community leader in early childhood development and the protection of children we strive to provide the very best programs to build the future of the Quad Cities by supporting the youngest community members. 

Here are some resources for you on how children develop. 


Harvard Center on the Developing Child's website is FULL of incredible information, infographs and compelling video helping us to understand how children develop and what we can do to ensure they have the best start possible!


Iowa State University Extension has some excellent parenting resources on their site that relate to children of all ages! The Just In Time Parenting site provides information on some of the most crucial parts of a child's life to help them be successful. This site has newsletters, FAQs, fact sheets and blog posts.  They also host the Science of Parenting site with well researched topics for caregivers of children of all ages!


University of Illinois has developed a site just for parents. Parenting 247 including information on child development, parenting and many other important topics. Information is broken down by child's age for your convenience. 


Alberta Family Wellness created this wonderful video to help understand brain development and what happens with toxic stress impedes that development. 


The Frontiers of Innovation developed this wonderful 5 minute video on how we can (and must) work together to form environments of relationship essential to children's lifelong health, happiness and success. 


Essentials for Parenting Toddlers and Preschoolers, a free, evidence-based resource developed by CDC that gives parents ways to interact more positively with their children. Because we know children don't come with manuals and everyone needs help sometimes!


We find Aha! Parenting, Conscious Discipline, and The Dibble Institute to be great, accessible and well presented sites on child development for all caregivers!