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Jon Sexton

Title:  SVP Culture and Leadership Development


What inspired you to become a part of the Child Abuse Council Board of Directors?

I joined the Vibrant Credit Union team about five years ago. At the time, our CEO was serving on the board and we were participating in several fundraisers for the organization. In addition, I had a fantastic conversation with former CAC team member Angie Kendall about the services the organization provided that really piqued my interest. About a year later our CEO needed to step down from his board position due to time constraints and it was a great opportunity to apply to get more involved.


What has been the most meaningful experience you've had since being a member of the BOD?


Honestly I think it's just seeing the passion of the team and hearing their individual stories about the positive change they're able to create for our community. 


What do you contribute to your role in the BOD? 


My primary area of focus in my full time role is in coaching, employee engagement, and media content creation.  I do my utmost to leverage those skills to guide my input as a board member and always think of ways we can support the team, so they in turn can continue to do outstanding work in our community.

What would you like the community to know about the Child Abuse Council?


 I think it's important to recognize that the term "child abuse" isn't something that people like to say or think about, but it happens. I want folks to know that the Child Abuse Council Team is doing amazing work engaging in primary prevention education to help people prepare to the rigors of parenting. There's no official handbook for becoming a parent (We just welcomed our fourth kiddo to the world and I still feel like a rookie) but there's a lot of things you can do to get support and guidance from the right resources to do the best you can. I also think it's important to know that in instances when child abuse does occur...this team steps up and does everything in their capacity to provide support and healing for those who are impacted.


What is your hope for the Child Abuse Council in the future? 


I'd like to see continued awareness and support for the organization in our community. Every contribution matters and goes toward the organization's stated goal of ending child abuse in the Quad Cities Area.

Linda Wastyn


Kasey Kelly

First Vice President

Monica Smith

Second Vice President

Jane Bahls


Tom Thoms


Jerry Drucker

Executive Committee Member

Jeff Waller

Past President

Mary Macumber-Schmidt

Mary Ann Stoffel

Beth Ann Stratton

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